Zakia Ozitiru

Name: Zakia Ozitiru

Gender: female

Date of birth: 10/10/2010

District: Jinja

Village: Kakira

Favorite Activities: Singing and Dancing

Favorite School Subject: Reading

Zakia is the first born in her family and she is now an orphan. She lost her father in 2015, which left three children with her mum, who is helpless and jobless. The family lived in a rented single room which her mother can no longer afford. Farming is a common employment here in Uganda, and Zakia’s father was a peasant. Her mum now works in other people’s gardens for little money, attempting to care for her children.

Zakia joined Dream Children’s Home in 02/09/2016 and she is happy because her life is rescued and she is assured of a brighter future.

You can help Zakia with basic needs and school requirements for just $30 per month, or share sponsorship for $15 per month. Just Click Here to sign up and donate. (Be sure to tell us that you want to sponsor Zakia Ozitiru so we can direct the funds accurately.)

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