Veronica Nakaima

Name: Veronica Nakaima

Gender: Female

Date of birth: 15/9/2009

District: Jinja

Village: Butende

Favorite Activities: Singing

Favorite School Subject: English

Veronica’s father, Living Kitimbo, died in 2014 and left seven children behind. Having worked as a peasant he had nothing to leave his children. Veronica is now an orphan and she stopped attending school when her parents died. She was in primary three then. This happened because no one was in a position to cater for her basic and school supplies at that time. Veronica joined her new family at Dream Children’s home on 29/08/2016 and she is very happy to be part of it.

You can help Veronica with basic needs and school requirements for just $30 per month, or share sponsorship for $15 per month. Just Click Here to sign up and donate. (Be sure to tell us that you want to sponsor Veronica Nakaima so we can direct the funds accurately.)

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