Bernard Owori

Name: Bernard Owori

Gender: male

Date of birth: 18/03/2011

District: Mayuge

Village: Bukatube

Favorite Activities: Soccer and singing

Favorite School Subject: Science

Bernard’s father died in an accident in 2010 just when Bernard was only six month old, leaving him with his helpless mum, who abandoned him in 2015 at his grandmother’s home. Bernard now lives at the Dream Children’s Home since he is an orphan. He was born and raised in Bukatube village in Mayuge district and he has no other siblings. Before he came to the home he had no help since no one was willing to take the responsibility of looking after him. He is happy now because he can get what he needs as a child.

You can help Bernard with basic needs and school requirements for just $30 per month, or share sponsorship for $15 per month. Just Click Here to sign up and donate. (Be sure to tell us that you want to sponsor Bernard Owori so we can direct the funds accurately.)

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