Mugabi Bulamaje

Name: Mugabi Bulamaje

Gender: male

Date of birth: 24/3/2012

District: Iganga

Village: Bugono

Favorite Activities: Soccer

Mugabe is an orphan and he lives at Dream Children’s Home now. His father was murdered at night by unknown people when he was away from home taking care of his business.

Mugabe has six siblings who live with his grandmother since their mother ran away because she could not manage to take care of the children, leaving them in the hands of their grandmother, who is just a peasant  and can’t afford the children’s care.

You can help Mugabi with basic needs and school requirements for just $30 per month, or share sponsorship for $15 per month. Just Click Here to sign up and donate. (Be sure to tell us that you want to sponsor Mugabi Bulamaje so we can direct the funds accurately.)

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