Akiimu Magumba

Name: Akiimu Magumba

Gender: male

Date of birth: 24/3/2012

District: Jinja

Village: Kakira

Favorite Activities: Soccer

Akiimu Magumba’s parents were farmers. He lost his father due to AIDS and his mum is now ill with it, she is not able to care for her family since she is not able to work. That is why we decided to bring Akiimu to Dream Children’s Home where he get much love and care like other children. Akiimu is happy at the children’s home and he enjoys every activity.

You can help Akiimu with basic needs and school requirements for just $30 per month, or share sponsorship for $15 per month. Just Click Here to sign up and donate. (Be sure to tell us that you want to sponsor Akiimu Magumba so we can direct the funds accurately.)

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